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All Feng Shui Classes are recognized as Gold Level Education by the International Feng Shui Guild and teach Feng Shui guidelines based on BTB, the front door of the space, exterior areas, flow of chi, the bagua, the I Ching, Ying & Yang and incorporates teachings of Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun.

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Four Day
Feng Shui

Laurie will teach you how to impact career, finances, relationships, improve health, plus much more with this power-packed intensive training. This also includes a mini analysis of your home floor plan.


ALL Class Via Zoom

May 6 – 9 (4 days)

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Central Time

April 22 -25 (4 Days)
11:30 – 12:45 Central



$ 135

Certification Level 1

In this Two Day, “in person” class, you will learn the 5 Element theory, mantras & mudras, Our  design center trip will focus on identification of the 5 elements in furniture. 

           2024 CLASS DATES

        Two day in person class.

May 16 – 17  Florida
September 14 – 15 Chicago
Prerequisite Feng Shui In A Day

$ 898

Certification Level 2

Level 2 Certification focuses on techniques for special adjustments, learning to use the ancient wisdom of the 5,000 year old I Ching, instruments used in Space Clearing, and how to conduct a Space Clearing Ceremony.

April 4 – 8 
Time TBD
October 3 – 7
Time TBD

$ 387

Final Certification Mentoring

After completing Feng Shui in a Day, Certification 1 & 2. Complete your certifcation with a personal one on one mentoring class with Laurie. 

Certification Level 1

Unmasking the Energies of the Bagua

Class Dates

Saturday, February, 13- $81

9:30 – 11:30 CST  

Virtual Class – Unmasking The Energies of the Bagua

The energies of the bagua run deeper than the color, shape, and placement. Delve into the various aspects of each gua by removing the mask and looking deeper inside each area of the bagua.  Free gift included.

$ 81

Vibrations of the Universe


Class Dates

Saturday, March 13, 20 and 27  – $108

9:30-11:30 CST

Virtual Class – Vibrations of the Universe

Vibrational energy and patterns are all around us and in our environment.  Learn how to tap into these energies and attract them to you using your intention, words and thoughts.  In this 5 hours class, we will discuss the patterns that can bring your thoughts and dreams into reality.


$ 108

The Essence Five Elements

Class Dates

Saturday, April 10th- $63 

9:30 – 11:30 CST

Virtual Class – The Essence Five Elements

Water. Wood, Fire, Earth And Metal are characteristics that are found in every person and in every home.  Learn what elements are present and how you can benefit from them with simple enhancements. Gift included in fee.

$ 63

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