Lotus Vibrations™ Sprays

Lotus Vibrations™ Sprays

$ 81 for 9 Sprays
  • Our sprays have been specially formulated with highest quality essential oils to enhance the vibrational energy of each area of the bagua. We have added energetic and transcendental Feng Shui adjustments that, when joined with your intentions, help create the very best energy for life enhancement.
Lotus Vibrations™ Sprays

Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationship, Children, Helpful People, Health

*Spray each Lotus Vibrations™ spray in all 9 corresponding bagua areas, beginning where you need the most improvement

Laurie Pawli and Fatima Monaco are introducing Lotus Vibrations Sprays, created in the U.S. from essential oils. Specific to areas of the home that relate to the feng shui bagua, the sprays energetically assist vibrations to enhance aspects of life such as career, relationships and wealth.

Consultants Pawli, from the Feng Shui School of Chicago & Florida and Create the Feeling Designs, and Monaco, from the Aligned Space, have each been in the feng shui consulting arena for more than 20 years, teaching students worldwide. Their new venture includes classes, a product line of vibrational sprays and future design accessories to activate home and office spaces according to feng shui guidelines.